Port Hawkesbury Paper Wind (PHP Wind) is building a wind farm in Guysborough County. The project, known as Goose Harbour Lake Wind Farm, will harness renewable and efficient energy that will contribute to the long-term viability of the Port Hawkesbury Paper facility, one of the largest industrial employers in Nova Scotia.

About the project

PHP Wind is building a wind project, known as the Goose Harbour Lake Wind Farm Project, which will be located on lands in Guysborough County that are currently under license to Port Hawkesbury Paper for approved sustainable forest management.

This project represents another step towards securing the long-term viability of one of the largest industrial employers in Nova Scotia. The Goose Harbour Lake Wind Farm Project will contribute to the environmental, economic and social objectives of Port Hawkesbury Paper facility’s operations, as the project will reduce the carbon footprint of the provincial power supply and corresponding greenhouse gas emissions.


Environmental Considerations

In compliance with the Province of Nova Scotia’s rigorous Environmental Assessment and Approval Process, Goose Harbour Lake Wind Farm and its environmental experts, Strum Consulting, have completed and continue to undertake a number of detailed studies.

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Wind Energy

Port Hawkesbury Paper Wind has engaged a world-leading partner, Renewable Energy Services (RES) to assess, test and guide the development of the wind farm.

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We are a proud of the long-standing relationships we have with the communities where we live, work, and do business. We are engaging with our neighbours and nearby Mi'kmaq communities, furthering our ability to contribute to the rural economy.    

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Visit the FAQs to answer any questions you have about this project.

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News & Updates

Open Houses held in Monastery and Mulgrave


The Goose Harbour Lake Wind Farm project team hosted open houses in Monastery (June 24, 2024) and Mulgrave (June 25, 2024), along with members of the project’s Community Liaison Committee.


New Update


Community Open Houses - Goose Harbour Lake Wind Farm - June 2024


Ministerial Approval Granted


The Minister of Environment and Climate Change has granted approval of the Goose Harbour Lake Wind Farm


Welcoming Community Input


Projects like this are better when there is community involvement and engagement.  


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